Paid Micro-Internship Opportunities

We are excited to offer first-generation college students and recent graduates unique opportunities through Micro-Internships. This partnership is designed to help you gain real-world experience, build your resume, and explore various career paths.

What is a Micro-Internship?

A Micro-Internship is a short-term, paid professional assignment that typically lasts between 5 to 40 hours and can be completed remotely. These projects are offered by companies across various industries and departments, including marketing, sales, tech, HR, and finance. Micro-Internships offer flexibility, allowing you to balance your studies and other commitments while gaining valuable experience.

Benefits of Micro-Internships

- Flexibility: Fit projects into your busy schedule
- Skill Development: Apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios
- Career Exploration: Discover different fields and roles
- Networking: Connect with professionals in your area of interest
- Paid Experience: Earn money while gaining experience

How to Get Started

1. Create a Free Account: Sign up on Sweetly Dorm in partnership with Parker Dewey to access a wide range of micro-internship opportunities tailored to college students.
2. Build Your Profile: Upload your resume, highlight your skills, and add your SWEETLY DORM affiliation to attract potential employers.
3. Browse and Apply: Search for projects that match your interests and skillsets. The micro-internship board is frequently updated with new opportunities.
4. Complete the Project: Once selected, complete the assigned tasks to the best of your ability.
5. Gain and Grow: Use the experience to build your professional portfolio, expand your network, and prepare for your future career.

For Students

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For Employers

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