hey  sweetly, plan ahead....


Sweetly offers an on-campus delivery program for college and university students. This service allows you to pre-order your favorite dorm necessities online and have them shipped later to your specified move-in week. By following simple steps like pre-ordering online, emailing your move-in week, and providing your order number, Sweetly will pack and hold your order until it's time to ship to your campus.

The program help students stay ahead and plan for their move-in week without the worry of items being sold out. There is no additional cost to participate in this convenient service. When you place your order on the website, you will be charged immediately, and a confirmation email containing your invoice and order number will be automatically sent to you.

Take advantage of Sweetly's on-campus delivery program to secure all your must-have dorm supplies in advance. This program ensures that your favorite items will be available when you need them, making your college or university move-in process smoother and stress-free.


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